£11k stolen from lottery winners

Couple robbed of £11,000 after winning a 100k prize.

After going public with a lottery jackpot, 11 thousand pounds was stolen from the unlucky lottery winners. It began when Lee Davies, aged 27 and father of three, randomly bought a national lottery ticket on his way back from work.

He and his fiancée Carryann Copestick were overjoyed when he discovered that he had won the 100k jackpot. Of course, they couldn’t keep a big thing like this quiet, so they went public, and had their picture taken in Wolverhampton Wanderers football ground holding a large check and drinking champagne. Lee Davies said “After we won we were living the dream. We had invested in a house, planned for our wedding and gone out to spend some money on clothes and jewellery.”

However this dream was brutally popped when men in balaclavas stormed into their room. According to Mr Davies, the men rushed into their room and immediately started demanding where the gold was. The thieves took three iPhones worth £1,500, a necklace worth £4000, a bracelet worth £900 and 8 rings. Mr Davies quoted he was only grateful that his children had not been woken, as they would have been “traumatised for life”.

In my opinion, this is a violation of our laws and the people who did this deserve to be put in jail.

~ Hugo

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