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Red White and Green Day

Red White and Green Day
Mr Urdd came to visit the School last Friday to help us celebrate Red, White and Green Day. During the day the pupils learn all about Welsh traditions and culture. We also managed to raise £736.35 towards the Urdd's work – thank you to everyone involved in the day.Read more

“Taith yr Iaith” Show

"Taith yr Iaith" Show
The Mewn Cymeriad company performing the “Taith yr iaith” (language journey) Show in Ysgol Bro Pedr. The actor Llion Williams managed to bring the history to life right in front of us - fantastic!Read more

LGBTQ – Support Group

LGBTQ - Support Group
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Congratulations Beca!

Congratulations Beca!
Many congratulations to Beca Roberts from year 10 who has been excelling in the world of Athletics here in Wales. On Saturday, October 7th, Beca competed in the Indoor Wales and Welsh Schools Combined Activities Championships. This is the first time Beca has taken part in an Indoor [...]Read more

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Llais Pedr

Llais Pedr