Pupil Voice

“At Ysgol Bro Pedr we always get to learn new things and everyone makes an effort to speak Welsh"(Year 2 Pupil)

"Being a pupil at Ysgol Bro Pedr is special, because the staff and pupils are very kind and we have the opportunity to take part in interesting activities inside and outside the classroom ”  (Year 6 Pupil)

“Being a pupil at Bro Pedr is special because every pupil has a variety of opportunities to succedd and the experiences offered make pupils appreciate what is available at the School” (Year 7 Pupil)

“It is not such a large school as to make you feel small and unimportant, but large enough to offer us important opportunities. It is fantastic to be able to be walk along the corridor and know every single teacher, and them know you back. It also makes the lessons more enjoyable, because instead of the teacher only knowing you from your grades, they know you more personally and can assess the work they are giving you so it is tailored to your needs. Another advantage of being in Bro Pedr is the fact that we are bilingual, because it adds a diversity to the school playground that would otherwise be lost. As well as this, we have lessons in both the English and Welsh languages, so if we are unable to understand something in one language we can often grasp it in the other. Bro Pedr is a delightful school and one that I would not want to leave”(Year 9 Pupil)

“There are many options for the future available at the School - especially in the Sixth Form"(Year 11 Pupil)

“A welcoming, inclusive school that offers pupils countless opportunities to develop into independent, confident individuals” (Year 12 Pupil)

“Being a pupil at this school is special because it gives us the opportunity to be part of a close community and forge close relationships with our friends and teachers. We've had invaluable opportunities of going to Glan Llyn as a swog, venturing into the slopes of Austria and seeing wonders in Iceland"(Year 13 Pupil)