Amazing Sculpture Created by our Life Skills Pupils

Mrs Wendy Thomas (Head of Expressive arts) took our Life Skills pupils on a trip before Christmas (2020) to the National Botanical Gardens. While there, our pupils were fascinated by the circle stone sculptures, which were engraved with different natural patterns.

Once back in school, we took inspiration from what we saw and started creating our own sculpture for our school grounds.

DTS kindly donated cut tree trunks and the Life Skills pupils set to work in their Art lessons with Mrs Thomas to engrave natural patterns into the wood using chisels and pyrographer pens to burn drawings onto the wood. They also used wood stains to create a contrast of colour. Drawings of animals such as butterflies, owls and snakes were added as well as interesting patterns.

The sculpture was kindly erected by Alan Thomas, J&E Woodworks, opposite the old school entrance for everyone to see on their arrival to school!

I'm sure you all agree, it's a really impressive sculpture. Well done to all our lovely, creative life skills pupils!!!!!