Discover Bath Summer Residential Course

Between August 16th-19th, Klaudia Kalinowska from year 13 attended the ‘Discover Bath’ Brand Management Residential course in the business department of Bath University.

She had a lot of fun staying in university halls and experiencing some aspects of student life, including attending lectures on advertisement and brand concepts. Various events were also organised for the participants during their stay such as a scavenger hunt so that they could get to know some of their peers.

At the end of her stay, Klaudia was tasked with creating a project based on what she’d learnt during her lectures. After quite a bit of researching, she analysed two advertisements of her choice and then set about to explain to what extent they were successful. Klaudia’s project earned her an A* and a UCAS tariff point reduction from the University for her September 2022 application! Well done Klaudia!