Message from the Governors

Bro Pedr offers a close and supportive community, providing opportunities of all sorts and maintaining consistently high standards. All pupils are individuals, each with specific talents, interests and needs. Our aim is to ensure that each and every one has the opportunity to realise their potential, to feel happy and secure at school and is enabled to become a caring and tolerant citizen in 21st century Wales.


Elaine Davies  (Chair)

Justin Davies  (Vice Chair)

Jane Wyn (Headteacher)

Councillor Euros Davies  (Local Authority Governor)

Councillor Hag Harries  (Local Authority Governor)

Councillor Ivor Williams  (Local Authority Governor)

Councillor Odwyn Davies (Local Authority Governor)

Aled Rumble (Teacher Governor)

Ann Herbert (Teacher Governor)

Kevin Jones (Teacher Governor)

Alun Williams (Parent Governor)

Stephen Cooper (Parent Governor)

Rhian Hâf Evans (Parent Governor)

Elen Page (Parent Governor)

Emma Wood (Parent Governor)

Carys Lloyd-Jones (Parent Governor)

Carys Davies (Parent Governor)

Ffion Davies  (Parent Governor)