Erasmus+: Visitors from Cyprus, Denmark and Finland

During the week 11/4/16 to the 15/4/16 pupils from schools in Finland, Cyprus and Denmark travelled over to Wales to visit us, Ysgol Bro Pedr and Ysgol Bro Myrddin as part of their Erasmus+ project that included a week full of activities.

On Tuesday, April 12th, there was a trip to the Botanical Gardens to prepare a presentation for the group as well as creating an International Eco Code. To start with, everyone was split into two groups, while one group had a tour of the gardens and collected information the other group had time to prepare the presentations. The pupils found a lot of useful information around the gardens and the visitors  were certainly in awe after seeing Wales’ beautiful nature.

Erasmus (3)      On Wednesday, April 13th, our friends visited us here in Ysgol Bro Pedr to take part in cooking, Design and Technology and rugby skills lessons. The visitors found themselves really busy throughout the day having a feel of Ysgol Bro Pedr life. During lesson 1, they were guided around the school by our Head Prefects. Then, during break, Ysgol Bro Pedr pupils had a chance to talk to the pupils that would be visiting their houses that evening. During lesson 2, the visitors were able to create some wonderful air fresheners, tasty ’Welsh Cakes’ and some Key rings  down in DT. After that, they were shown how to play rugby by Jack Rees and some of the sixth form pupils. Maybe some of our visitors will be famous rugby players in a few years! Before everyone knew it, it was lunch time and our visitors were treated to a feast down in the canteen. After lunch, our visitors were taken on a guided tour of Lampeter and the town’s main attractions.

Erasmus (4)         At the end of the day, Bro Pedr pupils took the visitors to their homes for the evening until around 8-30pm. They all had a fantastic time meeting our families and seeing all the different cultures, learning about the food we eat every day, some even took part in various activities such as farming, dancing and a lot more. By 8:30, it was time for our visitors to return to their hotel, ready for the following day.

On Thursday morning, the pupils from abroad went to visit a wind farm. They were taught the effectiveness of wind turbines in Wales. They were also taught how the wind turbines worked and shown what parts of the turbines were needed to measure electricity.

After lunch, everyone visited the Cwm Gwili railroad for afternoon tea. Some of our visitors and staff were amazed at how old some of the trains in Cwm Gwili really were and many described them as the Harry Potter train carting pupils to Hogwarts! The afternoon tea was delicious.

After returning home it was time for the farewell supper and disco in the university in Lampeter. Everyone enjoyed the traditional Welsh food and as everyone had a chance to taste the Welsh Cakes on Wednesday they were the first things to go, a lot of pupils also asked for the bara brith recipe too.

Erasmus (1)On Friday 15th, we held  the highlight for our project here in Wales. Three of the Ysgol Bro Pedr pupils who went to Cyprus, Beca Jenkins, Elan Jones and Lucy Hill were interviewed for the programme ‘Prynhawn Da’. Everyone travelled to the ‘Siamber’ in Carmarthenshire to present their final ideas so that everyone could vote on the best idea. Then the best three would be used to create the International Eco Code for the entire partnership countries. After everyone presented their final ideas, everyone had a vote. The three most voted for ideas were #GoGreen, using more locally sourced produce in schools and reducing paper waste. Everyone had a fantastic experience in the ‘siambr’ as they used the modern microphones and also had a chance to speak with the ‘siambr’s’ Chairperson. Everyone was given a badge as a reminder of their time here in Wales, then everyone who was involved in the project received a certificate. Our partner schools also received a gift, wooden plates made by Aled Dafis.

This was the project’s final visit and we all truly enjoyed the experience, be it travelling to Denmark, Cyprus, Finland or Wales. It was an unforgettable experience for everyone. A big thank you to Miss Geinor Jones, Miss Nerys Douch and Miss Hedydd Jones for coordinating the project.

Report by Elan Jones & Beca Jenkins, 8 Dewi

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