Huddersfield vs Tottenham Hotspurs

This match happened on the 30th of September. In an exciting game, they were only 9 minutes into the game and the Spurs had scored 1 point already, shocking the fans. Harry Kane scored the thrilling goal and slammed it into the net. This exciting game was happening in the stadium in Huddersfield. The football game was on because it’s a league they do every year called the Premier League. And then 16 minutes into the game, another goal was scored by Davies – what a thrilling game by Tottenham; they are a very skilful team. Tottenham fans were cheering and screaming for their team in this match. Harry Kane said that he probably had his best month in September. Huddersfield was finding it harder to defend the ball; I think they lost confidence after this game. Tottenham said that the goals they scored were too easy for them and they had wanted a challenge. They were delighted to have won the match – it was an interesting match to watch.

What a penalty by Spurs again! and the score was 4-0 to Tottenham. This was a good match but I think Huddersfield could have done better.



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