Important letter sent out today for year 12 pupils – change in the timetable

29 June, 2020

Dear Parent / Guardian,

It was great seeing some of our pupils returning to School today. We look forward to welcoming more pupils in other school years back to the school from tomorrow onwards and we would be grateful if we could ensure that we keep to the following arrangements, please:

Hwb pupils – can arrive at the School from 8.30am onwards.

Other pupils:

Primary aged pupils – arrive at the School at 8.45am.

Secondary aged pupils – arrive at the School at 8.40am.

In order to ensure that pupils are supervised, it’s important to ensure that the pupils don’t arrive at the School before the times noted above, please.

If you have changed your mind and you now wish for your child to visit the School before 17 July, it’s essential that you give the School a week’s notice, please, so that we can make the necessary arrangements (in terms of being careful, with regard to the 2metre rule) and that there aren’t too many pupils in any classes etc. Please contact us via e-mail:

Please see below the revised timetable for Year 12 students this week.

Thank you for your help and support regarding this matter.

Yours Faithfully,

Jane Wyn.


Ysgol Bro Pedr

Peterwell Terrace
SA48 7BX

T: 01570 422214

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Llais Pedr

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