Lampeter Show, Carnival & Eisteddfod Results 2017

Here are the Lampeter Carnival, Show and Eisteddfod winners from the Primary campus (Megan & Rhun are absent from the photo).

Congratulations to everyone that was successful, especially Cerys Angharad for winning the trophy for the pupil with the highest marks for the Art work. Bro Pedr also won the cup for the primary school with the highest overall marks along with £50. Well done!

A big thank you to everyone that spent time helping the pupils prepare for the Lampeter Show and Eisteddfod competitions.

Here are the results:-

Lampeter Show

Tia Gilbert – 1st (art)

Molly Jones – 2nd (art)

Darcey Lambert – 1st (handwriting)

Katie Little – 1st (designing a badge)

Kevin Czaia – 1st (handwriting)

Hari Morgan – 2nd (handwriting)

Tia Thomas – 2nd (designing a badge)

Scarlet Read Jones – 2nd (handwriting)

Cece Botu Lewis – 3rd (art)

Sion Morgan – 3rd (art)

Violet Douglas – 3rd (handwriting)

Charlie Condon – 3rd (designing a badge)

Hunor Hamvas – 3rd (handwriting)


Lampeter Eisteddfod


Textile Work (seniors) – 2nd Mari Elen Lewis , 3rd Lois Price

Design & Technology (seniors) – 1st Osian Jones, 2nd Iwan Williams, 3rd Hari Button

Design & Technology (yr.7,8 & 9) – 1st Elan Jones

Artwork (seniors) – 1st Ffion jones, 2nd Ffion Jones

Artwork (yr.7,8&9) – 1st Elan Jones, 3rd Elan Jones

Card making – 2nd Elan Jones, 3rd Chloe Jones

Photography – 1st Ffion Jones, 2nd Ffion Jones, 3rd Ffion Jones

Creating a new logo – 1st Elan Jones, 2nd Ffion Jones, 3rd Ffion Jones

Graffiti – 1st Elan Jones, 3rd Ffion Jones

Designing a Trophy – 2nd Elan Jones

Design & Technology (primary sector)– 1st Fflur Meredith,   3rd Aalia Spooner

Design & Technology (KS2) – 1st Lola Jones,

Jewellery –  1st Ifan Meredith, 2nd Fflur Meredith, 3rd Ifan Meredith

Computer Art – 1st Regan Jones, 2nd Cerys Angharad Jones, 3rd Oliver Stevens

Making a Card (primary) – 1st Brynmor Gibbons, 2nd Holly Strain, 3rd Natasha Cowles

Art (years 3 & 4) – 1st Cerys Angharad Jones, 2nd Cerys Angharad Jones, 3rd Tia Thomas

Art (years 5 & 6) – 2nd Evie Mc Kay, 3rd Tia Deacon Jones

Handwriting – 2nd Tilly Killic, 3rd Cerys Angharad Jones

Headgear – 3rd Megan Morris

Collage – 2nd Cerys Angharad Jones

Photography – 1st Cerys Angharad Jones

Cup for the individual with the highest marks in the primary sector – Cerys Angharad Jones

Year 5 & 6 Stories

1st Niah Bouvet, 2nd Ffion Davies, 3rd Rhun Davies

Canolfan y Bont

1st Huw, Ellie, Bethanie, Palmiro, 2nd Huw, Ellie, Bethanie, Palmiro, 3rd Huw, Ellie, Bethanie, Palmiro

Stage Competitions

Congratulations to all the pupils taking part individually in the reciting, singing and the instrumental competitions, winning a variety of prizes:-

Fflur Meredith, Ffion Davies, Ifan Meredith, Niah Bouvet, Megan Morris, Sioned Davies, Elan Jones

Also to the following groups:-

The School’s Recitation group – 2nd – Thank you to Dr Delyth Jones for coaching

The Adran Recitation group – 2nd

The Adran one voice Choir – 2nd

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