School Policy Documents

Below are a selection of Policy documents relating to the school. These documents are subject to change at any point.

polisi aln - cover

Child Protection Policy

polisi cadw'n ddiogel

polisi - cyfeillgarwch

Polisi Ymddygiad

Healthcare Needs Policy

We are committed to supporting learners with healthcare needs and to ensure that they have full access to education.  Our arrangements for meeting the healthcare needs of all our pupils is contained in this policy.  This draft policy is due to be discussed and ratified at the next governors’ meeting. 

 We are working with Ceredigion County Council to ensure that our policy gives learners and parents confidence that the provision in place is suitable and effective.  If you have any queries or comments relating to the policy you are welcome to speak to the school or the local authority who can be contacted by phone on 01970 633693 or by email at

Bro Pedr Healthcare Needs Policy

Access to the Welsh Government guidance document can be obtained from the following website address:

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