IMG_0353On the Monday after half term it was PSE Day in the Junior Sector. PC Alun and Paul Britton from the Life Standards Agency came to present various workshops to pupils from Reception all the way up to year 6.

PC Alun’s workshop concentrated on teaching pupils from Reception and years 1 and 2 all about behaviour, including a lesson on medicine. They were taught key information about who can give medicine, what medicines we are allowed to take and where should we keep medicines safe.
The pupils certainly enjoyed the sessions run by Paul from the Life Standards Agency as well. He taught pupils about the importance of washing their hands correctly and about the results it could lead to if they don’t.

During the SMART Workshop for pupils from years 3 and 4, the pupils participated in a lesson all about internet safety, and pupils from years 5 and 6 learnt all about Alcohol and substances.

It was a very successful day.

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Llais Pedr

Llais Pedr