Reopening the railway line between Aberystwyth and Carmarthen

The railway was originally closed in 1965 due to no one using it. It was abandoned for quite some time until some members of the public thought it should be reopened.

Wales Online has claimed that a study commissioned by the Welsh government has suggested that the full cost of this plan if it were to go ahead could end up being between £500 and £750 million. Traws Link Cymru believe that it will help the people of wales socialise more and benefit the entire country. They also said that they think it will benefit the country economically. The both websites believe that it will benefit the country in several different ways. The BBC News says that the Welsh Government has funded a feasibility study into reopening the Aberystwyth–Carmarthen railway line. The BBC News believe that rebuilding the railway would cost between £650-750 million. According to the BBC News Traws Link Cymru has flown the length of the line to take aerial shots of how much of it remains using a small and light aircraft. They found out that 3% of the line had been built on. Another point the BBC News made was that Jeremy Corbyn declared his support during the labour leadership debate on August 4th. The consultation was published on the 26th of August 2015. Should the railway reopen it will link Aberystwyth, Carmarthen and Cardiff.

I believe that this is a bad idea because in my opinion the possible £750 million should be spent on better such as education and charity instead of some railway that was closed because people didn’t use it. And the NHS is in desperate need of funds. I understand why some people think it’s a good idea because it could improve how people socialise. But to me the people of this country do not need to improve their socialisation whatsoever.

To conclude this article I believe that the hundreds of millions of pounds that would be spent on this project should it ever start, would be better spent on such things as better education, support towards charity and the NHS, which is in desperate need of funds.

~ Lucy

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