Geography is relevant to the lives of today’s young people. Pupils will develop gepgraphical skills, as well as knowledge and understanding of places, environments and issues at different scales. Investigating is an essential part of the learning.

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  • Miss Geinor Jones (Head of Department)
  • Miss Carys Jones
  • Miss Heledd Besent

During the year 7, 8 and 9 lessons pupils will learn and develop key skills.

Yr.8 Modules:

Geographical Skills, Geography in the news, Rivers and Floods, Tourism

Yr.9 Modules:

Latitude and longitude, Earthquakes, Development & Ghana

The GCSE course is relevant to the world of today’s young people, discussing many contemporary issues and concentrating on the inter-relationship between people and the environment. It encourages the development of their responsibilities as world citizens, their understanding of different viewpoints and their recognition of how they can play an important part in sustainable development.

A qualification in Geography is useful and relevant for careers in fields such as the environment, planning, surveying, cartography, government, journalism, leisure and tourism, teaching and many others.

Unit 1: Core – Six themes (40%)

  • Water
  • Climate Change
  • Living in an Active Zone
  • Changing Populations
  • Globalisation
  • Development

Unit 2: Options (35%)

  • The Changing Coastline
  • Tourism
  • Urban Change

Unit 3: Geographical Investigation (25%)

  • An inquiry based on the fieldwork (10%) and a decision-making exercise (15%)

The A level course is broad, interesting and challenging. It is designed to develop students’ understanding of our changing world and their use of a range of skills and resources, as well as to encourage their development such as global citizens.

Geography is an academic subject which is highly-regarded by universities and relevant to careers in fields such as the environment, planning surveying, cartography, government, journalism, leisure and tourism, teaching and many others.

There is an opportunity to study a range of topics including:

  • Climate Change
  • Tectonics and Hydrology
  • Population Change
  • Urban and Rural settlements
  • Climatic Hazards
  • Development
  • Sustainability of Food, Water, Energy and Cities

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