Junior Sector

Every child is an individual and our mission as a school is to provide the best possible educational foundation for our pupils.

These early years are crucial. We want our pupils to flourish academically by being inquisitive and independent learners.

Bro Pedr is a happy school, where everyone respects each other and where everyone’s opinion is valued.

We are fortunate to have a lovely modern building with ample grounds surrounding the school. Additionally, our pupils are able to take advantage of the specialist workshops, laboratories and facilities in the Senior Sector.

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Key Stage 2

Foundation Phase

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Mrs Llinos Jones

Mr Heulyn Roderick

In addition to the core subjects of Welsh, English, Mathematics and Science your child’s curriculum will include a range of additional subjects and opportunities, for example, Art, Drama and Music, Design and Technology, additional languages such as French, Mandarin and Latin, Physical Education, Religious Education and History.

Our priority is to develop our pupils as independent learners, who take responsibility for their learning, with a particular emphasis on raising standards in literacy and numeracy across the curriculum.

Our pupils can also take advantage of a range of lunchtime and after-school clubs and a number of our Senior Students run activities such as the Science Club, the School Radio Station, choirs and physical education activities – school clubs page


A range of thinking skills are taught across the curriculum, which provide our pupils with the opportunity to problem-solve and to work with others effectively. Our lessons will promote qualities such as curiosity, perseverance and the ability to set personal targets. This style of learning will place Bro Pedr pupils in a strong position to cope with the international PISA tests, which are being adopted by the Welsh Government ad will prepare them for the next step of their educational careers.

Your child’s education will not be limited to the classroom. We take advantage of a range of opportunities, which provide our pupils with valuable learning experiences. We work in partnership with a variety of organisations such as the Confucius Centre, the local universities, the Urdd Movement, the Sports Council, charitable organisations, agencies which promote science and technology and these partners all contribute to our pupils’ expansive curriculum.

Ysgol Bro Pedr is a happy school. The relationship between the staff and the pupils is special. The school community is inclusive and our aim is that every pupil’s voice is heard. Pupils are encouraged to express opinions about their lessons. Every class is represented on the School Council which meets regularly to discuss a variety of issues that are relevant to our pupils’ lives at school.

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