We are a thriving department. Almost all staff members have access to an interactive whiteboard, and the department has invested in a comprehensive package of interactive software called ‘Maths Workout’. Every pupil will have the opportunity to use this software during break time and lunch time, and some will even be able to use it during ‘Skills’ lessons.

Further Information

  • Mrs Enfys Powell
  • Miss Melanie Hands
  • Mr Dylan Jones
  • Mrs Rhian Morris
  • Mrs Amy Edgell
  • Mrs Mair Morgan
  • Mrs Caroline Davies

The pupils will learn various topics in order to hone their mathematical skills.

Higher Tier  : Grades A* – D | Foundation Tier : Grades C – G

The pupils must complete 3 units:

  • Unit 1 – Mathematics in every day life (30%) [1 1/4 hours]
  • Unit 2 – Mathematics without a calculator (30%) [1 1/4 hours]
  • Unit 3 – Mathematics with a calculator (40%) [Higher Tier 1 3/4 hours / Foundation Tier 1 1/2 hours]

Our pupils will sit Unit 2 at the end of Year 10, Unit 1 during the Spring Term of Year 11 and Unit 3 during the Summer term of Year 11.

The work has been divided into 6 units; there’s a combination of Pure Maths, Statistics and Mechanics, which come under the unit names: C1, C2, C3, C4, S1, S2 or M1.

Every unit is worth  100 marks each, that add up to a total of 600

There is no coursework.

To sit an AS Level Exam, you must study 3 units that make a total of 300.

Some components of the units:

Differentiate, integration, circle geometry, probability, Binomial Distribution, Poisson and Normal, momentum, vectors

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