The Music department is a busy one, fostering pupils’ musical sensitivity, creativity and aural perceptions through the acquisition of knowledge, skills and understanding and the exercise of the imagination.

The lessons promote pupils’ cultural development, involvement in and enjoyment of music as performers, composers and appraisers through the study of a wide range of music including the music of Wales.

Further Information

  • Mrs Gill Hearne (Head of Department)
  • Pauline Jones (Cello)
  • Aidan Hassan (Bras)
  • Kay Davies (Harp)
  • David Parker (Guitar)
  • Sally Jones (Flute)
  • Islwyn Evans (Vocal)
  • Litoria Harries (Clarinet and Saxophone)
  • Helen Williams (Violin)

Years 7-9 pupils have one music lesson each week.

Year 7

  • Building a relationship with each other
  • Group work
  • Listening to others
  • Collaborating
  • Performing in groups (to build confidence)
  • Ostinato
  • Polyrhythm
  • Glockenspiel
  • Vocal Unit
  • School Eisteddfod Activities
  • ‘Rhythm of the Heat’ (Peter Gabriel & Genesis)
  • Jazz and Orchestra Instruments

Year 8

  • ‘Ode to Joy’ (Performing on the keyboard and working with Sibelius)
  • Music from the Movies (James Bond)
  • School Esiteddfod Activities
  • Melodic Construction (‘Hill Street Blues’)
  • Songs with an important message

Year 9

  • ‘Blues’ (Listening, performing, ad-lib and working with Sibelius)
  • Vocal Unit (X-Factor)
  • Group Vocal Unit (Stars in their Eyes)
  • Gospel Songs


  • Performing Music (30%)
  • Controlled Assessment worth 120 marks
  • Two contrasting performances – one solo and one as a member of an ensemble


  • Composing Music (30%)
  • Controlled Assessment worth 80 marks
  • Two contrasting compositions


  • Appraising Music (40%)
  • External Assessment worth 100 marks
  • Written Exam on the 4 following topics: 1. Music in Wales; 2. Music for the stage and screen; 3. Evolution of music; 4. Musical forms and devices

This course is taught on our partner campus in Aberaeron

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Peterwell Terrace
SA48 7BX

T: 01570 422214

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