Religious Education

Teaching Religious Education as a part of the basic curriculum to every pupil is now a lawful requirement in schools in Wales.

Our aim is to expand our pupils’ knowledge, experiences and imaginative intelligence. It’s Important that the work done by pupils is coupled by their experiences and lives. Moral values such as kindness, fairness, patience, truth, good behavior, respect towards others, obedience and loyalty should manifest in everyday school life. Pupils must see that religion is an important part of everyday life and not something that is completely separate. We do not teach factual information in Religious Education and this is very important, instead we introduce a series of firm and secure and attitudes.

Religious Education is an essential subject within the curriculum and it is a subject that promotes spiritual, moral, cultural and mental developments. It also prepares pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of an adult life.


Further Information

  • Mrs Emma Hall (Department Head)
  • Mrs Sian Jones
  • Ms  Louise Smith (Maternity Cover)

Yr. 7 – Units

  1. Religious Expression
  2. Celebrations
  3. Creation Stories
Yr. 8 – Units
  1. Belonging – The Journey of Life
  2. Commitment – Relationship
  3. Easter
Yr. 9 – Units
  1. The Holocaust
  2. Authority, influence and responsibility

There are 4 Units to Study:

  1. Religion and Medicine
  2. Religious Expression
  3. Religion and Conflict
  4. Religion and the State
No Course Work – One exam (1 hour and 45 minutes) at the end of year 11.

AS / Yr.12

– 2 units to study during the year. 2 exams at the end, one on each unit. The papers length – 1 hour 15 minutes.

  1. An Introducion to Budhism – including: The Buddhas Life, Some Central Concepts, Buddhist way of life and Some Central Customs.
  2. An Introduction to Judaism – including: Foundations, Beliefs and Customs, Holidays and Family Life.

A2 / Yr.13

– 2 units to study during the year. 2 exams at the end.

  1. Studies in Judaism – Further studies in Judaism including: Mysticism and Hasidiaeth, Expressing Jewish Ways, the Community and Family Life and Significant Matters and Events.
  2. Religion and the Human Experience – Applicants must write an essay under supervision on a specific aspect of EITHER Religious Authority OR Religious Experience OR Life, Death, and Life After Death.

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