Biology provides a wide breadth of knowledge which touches on many varied aspects of a range of topics. These range from the internal workings of organisms in physiology and the interdependence of living things in ecology, to social issues including man’s influence on the environment and the ethical consideration of genetics.

The course provides a good foundation for anyone intending to pursue a career in Medicine, Health, Psychology, Science, Agriculture, Veterinary Science, Environmental Studies, Equine Studies, Food Technology, Marine Biology, Nursing and Sports Science.


Further Information

  • Mr Timothy Jenkins (Head of Biology & Phase 2 Science Co-ordinator)
  • Mr Dafydd Charles
  • Miss Mattie Evans
  • Mrs Julia Liebeschuetz

Unit 1 – Biology 1: Adaptation, evolution and body maintenance (Assessment – written paper 1 hour) 

Unit 4 – Controlled Assessment: Investigation (Assessment – controlled assessment)

Unit 2 – Biology 2: Cells and metabolism, digestion and respiration, biodiversity (Assessment – written paper 1 hour)

Unit 3 – Biology 3: Transport in plants and animals, homeostasis, microorganisms and disease (Assessment – written paper 1 hour)

  • Unit 1 (BY1) 20% – Basic Biochemistry and Cell Organisation (Assessment – Examination)
  • Unit 2 (BY2) 20% – Biodiversity and Physiology of Body Systems  (Assessment – Examination)

AS Revision Booklet – Biology

  • Unit 4 (BY4) 20% – Metabolism, Microbiology and Homeostasis (Assessment – examination)
  • Unit 5 (BY5) 20% – Environment, Genetics and Evolution (Assessment – examination)
  • Unit 6 (BY6) 10% – Practical assessment (Assessment – internal assessment – over 3 months)

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