Why study Chemistry?

  • The study of Chemistry at Advanced Level builds upon the chemical knowledge introduced in the GCSE course.
  • Chemistry is a facinating subject and the syllabus seeks to demonstrate the importance and relevance of Chemistry to our lives.
  • Pursue a course of further study in Chemistry in Higher Education.
  • Gain a Chemical background for study in other subject areas.
  • The structure of the new modular course makes the transition from GCSE to A level much easier.
  • Success in Chemistry is essential for entry to University to study Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Biological Sciences and Biochemistry. A qualification in Chemistry AS would be highly desirable for further studies or careers in Environmental Science, Geology and Material Science. It is appreciated by admissions tutors in many other subjects, including Law, due to its logical discipline.

Further Information

  • Mrs Nerys Stephens
  • Dr Tony Vobe

Unit 1 – Chemistry 1: The Earth and its resources (Assessment – written paper 1 hour)

Unit 4 – Controlled Assessment: Investigation (Assessment – controlled assessment)

Unit 2 – Chemistry 2: Atoms, bonding and chemical change (Assessment – written paper 1 hour)

Unit 3 – Chemistry 3: The chemical industry and analysis (Assessment – written paper 1 hour)

  • Unit 1 (CH1) 20% – The Language Of Chemistry, Structure of Matter and Simple Reactions (Assessment – Examination)
  • Unit 2 (CH2) 20% – Energy, Rate and Chemistry of Carbon Compounds (Assessment – Examination)

AS Revision Booklet – Chemistry

  • Unit 4 (CH4) 20% – Spectroscopy and Organic Chemistry (Assessment – examination)
  • Unit 5 (CH5) 20% – Physical and Inorganic Chemistry (Assessment – examination)
  • Unit 6 (CH6) 10% – Practical Assessment consisting of 2 exercises (Assessment – practical assessment)

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