Why study Physics?

  • Physics seeks to understand the nature the world in which we live and has offered startling new insights into the way the universe works. Quantum mechanics, astronomy and space science have all revolutionised human knowledge, and are the subject of new and exciting research.
  • Studying Physics along with courses such as Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Electronics, Design and Technology, or Language provides a gateway to a wide range of careers – Engineering, Electronics, Medicine, Aerospace Industry, Communications Industry, Electrician, Meteorologist, Architect and University.
  • Students need a keen interest in Physics and the ability to work hard and independently. Students should have at least a B in Mathematics, Double Science and/or Physics. Mathematics at A Level is helpful but NOT essential.
  • A qualification in Physics is rare. It shows ability in logical thinking and problem solving.

Further Information

  • Mrs Nerys Howells
  • Miss Robyn Hickling
  • Ms Julia Liebeschuetz

Unit 1 – Physics 1: Energy, radiation and the Universe (Assessment – written paper 1 hour)

Unit 4 – Controlled Assessment: Investigation (Assessment – controlled assessment)

Unit 2 – Physics 2: Electricity, forces and nuclear physics (Assessment – written paper 1 hour)

Unit 3 – Physics 3: Electromagnetism, waves, kinetic theory and nucleosynthesis (Assessment – written paper 1 hour)

The school also offers an extra qualification in Astronomy.

Please contact Dr Tony Vobe for more information.

  • Unit 1 (G481) 15% – MOTION, ENERGY and MATTER (Assessment – Examination)
  • Unit 2 (G482) 25% – ELECTRICITY and LIGHT (Assessment – Examination)

AS Revision Booklet – Physics

  • Unit 4 (G484) 15% – Newtonian World Momentum, Oscillations and Thermal Physics (Assessment – examination)
  • Unit 5 (G485) 25% – Fields, Particles and Frontiers of Physics (Assessment – examination)
  • Unit 6 (G486) 10% – Practical Skills in Physics 2 (Assessment – internal assessment)

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