Why Study Welsh?

  • Enjoy and develop a sense of pride in Wales and the Welsh language.
  • Develop better communication skills – a firm foundation for any career.
  • Develop analytical, philosophical and thinking skills.
  • Improve linguistic skill.

Welsh – First Language – Welsh is of prime importance to all Welsh speakers and enables them to learn about their background and heritage. It is a required qualification for employment in: Television, Education, Translation, Administration, Posts which involve dealing with the public – Public Services, Local Government, Social Work, The Media.

Welsh – Second Language – Welsh is very important in the world of work. Welsh is highly valued in vocations such as Radio and Television, Teaching, Police Force, Translators, Local Government, Leisure Activities, Banking, Journalism, Business, Librarianship, Public Services, Social Work, Nursing, Child Care.

Further Information

  • Mrs Delor James (Head of Department)
  • Mrs Hedydd Thomas
  • Mrs Edwina Rees
  • Miss Hedydd Jones
  • Ms Tania Rees
  • Ms Cerys Wynne Potter-Jones

First Language

Year 7 – Themes

  • Stepping, Belonging, Roots

Year 8 – Themes

  • Creatures, Sport, Welsh and Welsh Nationalism

Year 9 – Themes

  • Images, War, People of the fringe

Second Language

Year 7 – Themes

  • Me, The School, Interests

Year 8 – Themes

  • Friends – family, Healthy Living

Year 9 – Themes

  • Media, Travel, The Area

Welsh is a subject which is accepted by every college and examining body, and is a medium which is used in all sorts of occupations. To speak it is an acquisition but to have academic qualifications in it is too precious an acquisition to ignore.

The aim is to make each child master and use Welsh both in writing and speaking as far as ability and circumstances will allow , providing awareness of the literary and cultural richness of the language and a feeling of the heritage inherent in it.

Year 12

  • Unit 1: Oral Exam – The film (Hedd Wyn), the Drama (Y Tŵr) and Speech
  • Unit 2: Asesiad Diarholiad
  • Unit 3: Written Paper – Using Language and Poetry

Year 13

  • Unit 4: Oral Exam – The Novel (Un Nos Ola Leuad) and Speech
  • Unit 5: Written Paper – Prose from the Middle Ages, The Hengerdd and the Cywyddau
  • Unit 6: Written Paper – Appreciating Literature and Welsh in Context

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